Sustainable Tourism Development in the Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea National Park is a perspective tourist attraction. In order to keep the place well preserved on one hand, and to become a better known tourist destination on the other hand, sustainable tourism development is advisable for the region.

There are some advantages of the region which make it suitable for sustainable tourism development. First of all, during their visit in the park the tourists have the chance to get in touch with the nature in its pure elemental state, where the level of the human impact is reduced to minimum. The natural resources include also a large amount of species which can be found in the sea area. This can determine the development of more specialized types of tourism like bird watching or exploring the fauna in the region. Of course, in order to see as many species as possible you have to mud walk in the sea, which is another attraction for the more adventurous tourists. The mud is well known for its healing properties on human body so it can also be used as a resource for developing balneotherapy in the area of Wadden Sea.

The truck-bus is really attractive for tourists but it increases the air pollution in the area and there should be found an alternative way of reaching the Mandø Island with less damage for the environment. Using electric motors, cabin lift or at least gas instead of petrol is a suitable option.

Investing in cultural sights close to the National Park is also recommended for the sustainable tourism development in the region because there must be a balance between natural and cultural attractions. There is a potential basis for eco-tourism development, as well. The houses of the local people might be a suitable accommodation for tourists who prefer the authentic lifestyle rather than staying in luxurious hotels.

All of these general ideas can be used for creating a framework for achieving sustainable tourism development in the region of the Wadden Sea National Park.

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