The wind of no-change

I’ve been thinking about the Fanoe island and came up with a poem I’d like to share with you.


                 The wind of no-change


The Northern wind is really strong,

           it moves the sand, the water, clouds…

It lives its life,

            but doesn’t ruin others.

That’s what ideal tourist is

           and why the Fanoe should be proud –

Years pass like wind

          and leave the place untroubled.


2 Responses to “The wind of no-change”

  1. Marija Lanc says:

    Elena, I agree with you, but I also believe there is no ideal tourist, well there might be, but the development of tourism and bringing more tourists to the island will definitely not leave the place untroubled. The question that I have been asking myself since we have left the island is how much tourists can the island and its natural and social environment handle without consequences and the answer is that clearly not a great amount and I think that people on the island that want to pursue tourism development are aware of that fact, but still tourism definitely brings income to the municipality and there should maybe be done some evaluations whether positive effects (for more scenarios…more tourists, the same amount, less tourists) out-weight the negative effects and then make a compromise that would satisfy people (in term of income and employment) as well as the islands natural environment.

  2. Elena Sibireva says:

    Thank you for you comment! My point of view is expressed in more details in a blog published earlier… the poem is a follow-up to my previous thoughts.

    I cannot but agree that the ideal in itself is a very tricky concept, there is no absolute truth, so, of course, an ideal tourist is a very controversial term. However, I don’t really encourage further development of mass-tourism by using this term.

    In my opinion, the island already attracts a considerably large number of tourists especially during high season. As I wrote earlier in my blog: “Every year there is about 650000 overnight stays on Fanoe, tourists come and go spending money on rent and delicious local groceries, while the Fanoe community manages to keep the island nature more or less intact.” So, the idea of my poem is that the current state of development is worth being praised, as the municipality was able to reduce detrimental influence of mass tourism to as little as possible (they keep the status qvo, “no-change”), but the tourist flow is quite high.

    I agree that further research is important, and analysis of the actual data is necessary. Right now I believe the main goals of the municipality should be:
    1. Maintain the tourists number (as it actually reduces every year)
    2. Keep the tourists informed about their environmental impact (install signs on the beaches etc.) and control it that they follow the rules

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