After finishing my high school i didn’t really know what to study. I knew i am not for biology, medicine, computer science or something similar. I did not want to study economics (because i thought it is just playing with numbers and analyzing them).  So i was really lost where to go and what to do. Then i started thinking ok what are my strenghts.I am good with people, i like to manage things, i like to arrange events and so on.So there is something called like management on the Faculty of economics. Let’s try that. And after finishing my bachelor degree in management i decided to study masters in tourism. Why? Because i liked the basic theories in management, but there was nothing specific about it. And tourism seemed the best choice for me to pursue my further education in.
I started thinking about sustainable development even before i heard that there are all these concepts and theories about it. In Slovenia it was really a hit las couple of years for companies to promote sustainability, mostly used as a marketing tool. While i was really interested in this topic, my peers did not even know what the meaning was. So in my opinion firstly it is important to educate and inform the public about sustainable development and show them examples how they can incorporate it in their daily lives, so people will know how to behave and what it is expected from them. The same goes for the sustainable tourism development, where tourists should be able to easily attain knowledge on it and also travel responsibly.
After finishing my paper on the influence of social entrepreneurship on sustainable tourism development i figured out my desirable future. I want to be part of a social enterprise in tourism. Which steps i would have to take i really don’t  know… First maybe get an internship or volunteer in such an organization, and after try to do something on my own (buy an island and have a small paradise , which would be economical, social and environmental sustainable ;)).

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