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I’ve never thought about any particular tourism education in my life, especially in Europe. Personaly I think that tourism industry is overfull. No one of my friends who finished tourism education could find any job in Russia and now work as clerks in various companies.

Having chosen Global economics for my Bachelor degree I was fascinating by interanational marketing, trade and communications. After graduating  at the age of 22 I moved from Vladivostok to Moscow and made a brilliant career, becoming a Head of department at the age of 24 at the big telecom company in Russia, launching very important projects for mobile operators in Russia, Europe and CIS.

Why did I decided to choose EMTM and extremely change my good life? I guess not so many people will understand me. But I had several reasons:

  1. Of course I like travelling! I travelled a lot due to frequent business trips and personal trips as well. Travelling is getting new experience, new ideas, emotions and feelings, is meeting new people and the best medcine from problems and exhausting reality. I can mention some personal situations when travelling met me with very important people in my life, and gave me energy to go on in the very difficult situations.
  2. Being tired of Moscow rush, business plans, everyday budgets, lack of initiative of my employees I was looking for escaping of everyday office life and doing what I’m interesting in. I’m only 25 and I want to enjoy my life as being 25 and not to think everyday how to increase the profit of the company I’m working in. Tourism was one of the interesting fields for me I could switch on.
  3. I like difficulties and challenges. Overcoming of the problems makes me feel happy. I like to feel myself successful. To go to study unknown field to unknown country was exactly what I really needed. Received EMTM scholarship made me even closer to new experience and I believed it was a destiny.


I can surely affirm now that STD lectures were quite useful and at the same time difficult for me as well as life in Denmark.

I attended all STD lectures due to positive atmosphere at the class and interesting topics.

Most of all I liked the lecture about the bias of the volunteer tourism, since I’ve been always thought it had only a positive side.

The problem of hosting communities and tourism development was also quite interesting for me as well as the guest lecture about mobile innovations in tourism, since I worked for 5 years in telecom and for me it’s quite exciting to know about how mobile telephone can be an important tool for developing industries and influencing on people.

I guess STD knowledge will definitely influence not only on my career but also my lifestyle.


At he present moment I’d like to work in the wine tourism J And after my exam paper I know for sure how to make it sustainable.


At the end, I would like to say big “Thanks” to Janne for a very useful course of STD. Thank you to make it interesting for every person in the class, thank you to make us think about sustainable issues. I’m sure, working in different fields and countries we’ll definitely remember what we studied at STD classes.

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