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  1. Franziska Rottig says:

    GROUP NAME: “Handshake in Fano/Lillibelt”

    • Carolina Saraiva
    • Eleonora Provozin
    • Chonnikan Petchprasittd
    • Franziska Rottig

    Public and Private Partnership for sustainable tourism development

    “It is impossible to imagine sustainable tourism development led by a single person/company. We should start at least within one neighborhood, city, region, etc. Otherwise effort might be not worth it. At the same time we should admit that it is not easy to involve key players and local community. Therefore, we should do our best to bring public bodies, private companies as well as third sector to one table, so that we can find common solutions and make sure we all move more-less the same direction. Launching a project that would combine all this requires deep research and knowledge of the environment, both natural and social”.

    I see Private sector as a Business that not own by government which in our context might refer to
    : Tourism Industry
    : Privately-owned tourist attractions
    Public sector as a government which could be
    : Government that serves the public
    : Local people, those who live in the area
    : Publicly-owned tourist attractions
    Create meaningful dialogue : create a better relationship, to talk in a way that it’s useful, important long lasting conversation that sensitive to both parties views opinions.
    Another thing that need to be considered here is “long-term” and “sustainable goals”.
    All in all, for me it’ about how we are going to create a better relationship between local and tourism industry in long run by using sustainability as a key importance. Drawing attention to those 2 sites that we will visit and will eventually become our research, I don’t know much about it but I have some example from my country: Thailand.
    There are lots of hotels and tourists resorts (PRIVATE) that are being built on mangrove swamp (PUBLIC), they are removing them from the areas and taking away natural flood protection barriers, destroying fish (PUBLIC) nursery grounds and harming wildlife (PUBLIC) and ecosystems (PUBLIC).
    YES, it affects local (PUBLIC) in a bad way and we can see that tourism (PRIVATE) is sensitive to local communities. The point is to find the solutions that tourism gets money but doesn’t intrude on local communities.


    • What is the Status Quo?
    • What are problems? What are barriers? What are obstacles?
    • Who represents the public and private sector?
    ”Meaningful’’ – What does it mean to us, to the private and the
    public sector?
    • What are ways to communicate?
    • What are the needs of the private and the public sector ; What are
    weak and strong points?
    • What are the pre-conditions? What is realist to achive?
    • What do circumstances allow? What are limitations?
    • What should the dialogue? Is it only tourism – related?
    • Are there any representatives or public organ necessary?
    • What channels of communication could be used?
    • What are missions, goals and ojectives?

  2. Franziska Rottig says:


    9/10 October: contact with Victorias Palace and set first meeting
    23 October: elaboration of detailed research question, preparation for field trip to Fano by using different methods
    25 October: first field trip to Fano, meeting with Gitte, owner of Victorias Palace at 10 am
    30 October – 1 November: analysis of collected data, determination of further research
    4 November: 2nd field trip to Fano, meeting with municipality (not confirmed yet)
    5-8 November: analysis and processment of collected data
    8 November: 3rd potencial field trip – depending on open research questions and demand
    11 November: potencial consultation or field trip with Chris – clarifying open questions
    15 November: consultation with Janne Lliburd
    ongoing data analysis, communication and cooperation with Victorias Palace
    22/25 November: presentation of research results

  3. Franziska Rottig says:

    Research question:

    Main topic:
    Public-Private Partnership – Improvement of dialogue between private and public sector

    Location: Fanø island, Denmark

    Victoria`s Palace:
    • souvenir shop, café, historical museum
    • development of “cooperative” museum including amber museum,
    historical museum and exhibition about Second World War
    Field work:
    • analysis of current situation with regard to cooperation between
    private and public sector
    • module of communication existing, but not satisfactory (problems
    occur) for all actors involved in tourism on Fanø

    –> Weakness already considered by municipality, tourism office and
    tourism board
    –> conceptualization of local DMO on Fanø (initial state, analysis
    owing by consultants)

    Research question:

    How does the establishment of the DMO on Fanø impact the private sector? – Analysis by means of the company Victoria´s Palace in Fanø Bad

    What are advantages and disadvantages of the establishment of a DMO on Fanø for the private sector?

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