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My name is Mathilde. Im 20 years old, and I just started university in Denmark. It takes 3 years before i’m done with my bachelor, and then i’m a Negot. In the 3 years, i’m going to study English, economy and Tourism. I’ve always wondered what i wanted to study, because I like so many things. But with this education there is a combination of many things, which I really like. And another thing I like, is that I can take to another country to study, for 6 months or a whole year, so there is stuff to think about! My uncle and Ant is working with hotels, which is a big dream for me too. But with this education, I hope I can achieve my dream. I’m not quit sure what it is yet, if it’s hotels or a different kind or tourism, but I hope I can find out. But the most important thing to me, is that i’m going to work with peoples around me!

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