E-tivity 1: Reason for studying tourism management and my expectations of the course

My main motivation for studying tourism management is my intent to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in business studies related to specific subjects in tourism. The program not only would teach me valuable academic skills, but also will provide me with many new and interesting opportunities, in particular to continue my studies in international management for a Master’s degree. In addition to that I would gain a deeper understanding of the service industry, especial in the tourism sector in order to work in a position of responsibility in an international company e.g. in the airline industry. Even though I already have gained a vocational training plus work experience in the service industry, I still feel that in order to build up a solid foundation for my future career and thus realize my dream of working and living abroad, I have to gain a throughout understanding in this area. Therefore I chose to study tourism management with a major in Destination Management & Planning and Air Transportation in combination with a minor in International Business. My expectations for the course Tourism, Innovation and Business Models:
– To gain a deeper and wider understanding of Business models in the tourism branch, specific in relation to Danish tourism and therefore to be able to compare that with the knowledge of German tourism as well as the general theory
– Compare information of previous excursions and talks of several Business models and development strategies in the area of Destination management and planning with the rural tourism in Denmark and its example of the equestrian tourism concept (application oriented with extended view)

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  1. Regina Puig says:

    I totally agree with your expectations of the course. Understand how they make business can help us understand how is their culture, and then have better deals with them.



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