Why am I studying International Tourism Managenemt?

As with many other young people also for me, travelling has not only become a desire but also a way to express individualism. Once I am operating in the tourism sector, I’ll have the possibility to travel, work abroad and by that realize my dream. Despite of that, there are many other motivations which led me to my field of study.
More than in any other business sector, the prospects of success are depending on customer-orientation and the abilities to respond flexible to their individual needs. This characteristic goes well with my personal skills and interests, as I believe to be an open minded, creative and also efficient person.
Another interesting aspect of tourism is the variety of working challenges as a result of many different influential parties.
Certainly there are also economic reasons for my decision to study tourism:
The tourism industry is growing very fast and is, according to the UNWTO, one of the most important contributors to the GDP in many countries. Even in times of economic crisis people are willed to spend their money in the tourism market. It’s therefore a quite safe industry in regards to the workplace- and income security.
With the participation in the dual degree program in International Tourism Management, we are getting a broad education in business studies and tourism. This puts us in the good starting position for a future career.
Until that, I expect to gain a deeper knowledge of the business models in tourism industry by participating the course “Tourism, Innovation and Business Models” and I’m looking forward to our practical project during our lessons.

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  1. Vanessa Jambor says:

    I totally agree with you that tourism is a way to express individualism. In my opinion it seems that you really like to workt in the tourism market. I think it is very important to find a job in an area you like to work in. Especially in the tourism market the guest will notice if someone loves his/her job or not. The fact that the tourism industry is quite safe and will offer a lot of jobs in the future, was also a factor for me to enter the tourism market.

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