The Ruggård Hay Hotel

The farm house of family Kjær is located in the countryside of Vejle Ådal. It’s a very nice place, with a lot of space for animals, especially for their six icelandic horses. The area is very idyllic and perfect for nature and animal loving families with children.

The Ruggård Hay Hotel is planned by the family as one or two apartment-hotel. The apartments are located in a separate house next to the house of family Kjær. It offers two different types of accommodation: One big apartment which is fully furnished, with its own kitchen, bathroom and washing machine. It could accommodate 4 to 6 people and offers the possibility of self-sufficiency. The second thinkable accommodation is momentary used as a hobby room by the family. It’s one big room without any facilities. Family Kjær has two options if they want to rent this room: they could share kitchen and bathroom with the guests or they have to renovate and build a kitchen unit and a bathroom. There would be enough space for it in this room, but these changes are connected with expenses. This accommodation could host up to 10 people in sleeping bags. And there’s a third possible summer accommodation, the guests could sleep in tents in the garden, next to the horses or in the family’s barn in the hay!

The target group

Families with children, horse riders, friends of the nature, mountain bikers, hikers, anglers, … all these people could be attracted by the Ruggård Hay Hotel. There are many activities for them in the area around the hotel. Especially for the horse riders it will be a nice place to stay, because the Ruggård Hay Hotel offers all they need to spend a nice and relaxed holiday. The Ruggård Hay Hotel could also be a place to stay over a weekend, maybe combined with a visit of Legoland Billund, or it could be a “rest area” for people travelling with their horses to competitions in Sweden or Norway.
But the Ruggård Hay Hotel isn’t a hotel for people who want to learn horse riding in their holidays because the guests have to bring their own horses. It’s the same for mountain bikers.

Possibilities in this area

As already mentioned the area around the Hotel, the countryside of Vejle Ådal, is very beautiful and idyllic. There are a lot of signed hiking, biking and riding trails and nice places to visit, e.g. Tørskind, Runkenbjerg, Bindeballestien and Kristinelyst. Some trails, tours, sights and rest areas are market in the following map of the countryside. Unfortunately the rest areas with places for the horses aren’t mentioned here.

All these details are building already a nice frame but there are still some questions to be answered before the dream of opening the Ruggård Hay Hotel can be realized:

  • How long should be the touristic season? Is the hotel able to attract tourists all over the year?
  • Which price is realistic per person/night?
  • Will the feeding be included?
  • Which marketing channels should be used?
  • Shouldn’t there be the possibility to book online?
  • Christopher and Lisbeth are both working fulltime, is a hotel as second job realizable?

After our visit at the farm of family Kjær I’m very impressed by the beauty of the nature and I think that the idea of opening a B&B in this region is maybe not the easiest to realize but I think that with enough enthusiasm for the project it will be manageable.

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  1. Cristian Garcia says:

    Overall, I like and agree with your perspective. I like particularly your proposal as for the third possible summer accommodation but maybe it should be questioned concerning the price, it would depend on the type of customer however and its preferences. Despite this, I wondered the same as you with some of the questions you have written below. I believe there should be the possibility to book online, it is also important to know if they will be able to attract customers during the year but I think they should focus on a specific period actually.

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