In the beautiful landscape of Veijle Adal the Kjaer family owns a farm and plans to realize their dream of their own Bed & Breakfast Hotel, called “Ruggård Hay Hotel”, with focus on Icelandic horse riders.


The impressive and welcoming stud farm of the Kjaer family.

The impressive and welcoming stud farm of the Kjaer family.

The nature potential of the B&B concept

The landscape of Veijle Adal offers a big variety of forests, meadows, fields and rivers, that is perfectly qualified for the intended active and nature tourism.  Rides with Icelandic horses, mountainbike tours or by way of variation kayak tours, make various types of nature explaration, sport, fun, recovery…  the whole year possible.  Barbecue & picnic areas, little cafes with nostalgic charme… top this holiday concept off. Furthermore the efforts of the Kjaer family to cooperate with the local resident firms and to accommodate the horses temporally during the breaks on little areas, augur restful and relaxing short or day trips.

A part of the landscape.

The nostalgic café.

The nostalgic café/ shop.

The accommodation potential of the B&B concept

First and foremost the farm owns a big barn, that guarantees the accommodation of the Islandic horses of the target group. One of the possibilities to accommodate the riders  is an apartment for up to 4-5 people. The tiled apartment (hygienic and easy to clean) is fully furnished and offers an own kitchen and bathroom for the holiday guests. The terrace at the back of the house enables snug evenings with direct view on the paddock and the meadows. The apartment is perfectly suitable for families with children or companioned couples who want to organize their days independently and autonomously.  The variety of animals (horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, peacocks, chickens, cows…) offers besides leisure time facilities for young and old.

The second accommodation is a big attic which doesn`t dispose of sanitary equipment. It is possible to host here another target group with a lower payment power. Up to 8 -10 people can sleep in this room and use/ share the bathroom and breakfast / catering offer in the outbuilding. An investment in a basic furniture (bed, pillow, blanket, lamps…) is here necessary.  The charme of the cottage kitchen, the little windows, the very friendly, heartfelt and open-minded family is here a further advantage und produces a familiar comfort zone.

The welcoming cottage kitchen with view on the paddock.


Potential revenues

A point to discuss/ to think about is the fulltime job of the owners. I think that the performance of the activities (organizing, cleaning apartments, making breakfast, planning the guided trips…) utilises so much time, that it is only possible if one of them works in a half-time employment. The earnings of the renting should contain the disappeared part of the monthly income and enable the target revenue of 60000 DKK per year.

( complete abstract occupancy and revenues )

Apartment 1 (flat):

750 DKK per night  x  200 days per year =  150000 DKK

Apartment 2 (with breakfast included):

230 DKK per night  x  circa 4 persons  x  100 days per year=  92000 DKK


So I think that the dream of the Kjaer family is realisble and I wish them success!

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