B&B at Ruggård, Vejle Adal

On our field trip to Vejle Ådal we got to know the Kjær family and also got a first impression of the accommodation which might be used for horse tourism. The Kjær’s are very welcoming and friendly people who could be lovely hosts to their future tourists. I was impressed by the house and the idyll surrounding it, so that I could imagine that tourists will like the place as well.

When considering the possibility of horse tourism in Ruggård, one has to take into account the strengths and weaknesses that exist.

The strengths of this destination are that the family only needs to make small investments in furniture and kitchen equipment since the apartment is already furnished. Additionally, the apartment has its own kitchen and washing machine, which allows the tourists to be independent.  The accommodation could also be convenient for members of a horse riding competition who are passing by on their journey. However, one should keep in mind that these tourists would rather be an exception, since there are only few competitions per year. Furthermore, in addition to horse tourism, there is the possibility to stay overnight for mountainbikers or racing cyclists in a separate room which is currently used for family activities. This could be a USP compared to other horse tourism facilities. Moreover, there is the possibility that either Christopher or Lisbeth can work half-time and thus keep a close relationship with the tourists.

A weakness could be that there is already too much competition if the family only focuses on horse tourism. Additionally, Christopher and Lisbeth would like to advertise the place by word of mouth. This might not generate enough revenue to cover all the costs if only family and friends are the target group.  Further, only personal or telephone booking is desired by the family. While this is a good way to establish a personal relationship with some tourists, it might be a too old-fashioned way of communicating for others.

In conclusion, the creation of tourism could be a very sufficient way to use the accommodation. However, Christopher and Lisbeth should not focus only on horse tourism but offer accommodation for a group of mountainbikers or racing cyclists as well. Furthermore, I think it is important to create a website to advertise the accommodation so that not only family and friends belong to the target group. The development of tourism is definitely worth a try because Christopher and Lisbeth do not depend on it financially; it would rather be a further source of income.

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  1. Catherina David says:

    I also think that the approach of the word of mouth marketing is the biggest challenge to get the Hay Hotel started. But I think that once they have accommodated their first guests, the strategy might work out. Some other weaknesses might also be the little investments like the paddocks next to the trails, though this should not be a big problem.

  2. David Schwarte says:

    I agree on your arguments, especially the one in which you claim that participants in special competitions can reside there. Another thing that I would have mentioned was the possibility to stop over at Bindeballe where guests can relax and have a cup of coffee or something.

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