Business Model- Ruggård Hay Hotel

We have the task of doing a business model with the Ruggård Hay Hotel in Denmark. So we visited the location on Tuesday the 23. of September.

Firstly I have to say that it was a nice journey and we saw a lot of interesting things like the Icelandic Horses, the nice cottage, the possible one hotel room and the landscape. The landscape is of a huge importance, because in the landscape could be the trips by horse or by mountain bike.

The possibility of a Hay Hotel is definitely given, but just for one family. Families are also the possible target group for the Hay Hotel. However, there is just one room given. Maybe we could think about renaming it into Hay guest room? I think that this would more fit into the concept of having also an own kitchen, etc. Also it would be nice to find something that refers to the name (motto?) in the room.

The Hay Hotel could also have one room on the first floor. It is just one big room without a kitchen. Is there a toilet? If there is none there could the guest, who will stay in this room, go to the toilet? In the first case, one could imagine one big room for groups of mountain bikers or horse riders. Some persons, who likes the idea of staying together also in the nights or do not have enough money they can spend on separate rooms. This opens the possibility also for groups of school children to ride in this landscape. However, they have to have their own horses. Is this a limitation of the possible users of the hotel? On the other hand, maybe there is the market of conference rooms in a special atmosphere like the one of a ponys club. Are customers available for this special case of a conference room (e.g. businesses with a great importance of sustainability)? What is needed for this special kind of customer?

The guests should bring their own horses. Is this a limitation of the possible users of the hotel? Are just Islandic Horses desired? The horses have their own place to stay at the hotel. On the trails foldings has to be build up from the municipality. The big question is: “Why should I come to the Ruggård Hay Hotel?” This could be solved through PR. However, this may cost something. Is money for that available?

The minimum revenue is 60.000 DKK per year. How many should cost a holiday for one family per week or weekend? Does it give a seasonal difference in the price? Does it give capacity statistics? Can we reach the 60.000DKK by this statistic? Can we get numbers of the possible users of this hotel? How much should the guided tour cost?

The owners have both a fulltime job, so that they have not so much time for the hotel. However, they want to open the hotel with the key resource manpower. Is this realistic?

The owners could use the channels to promote their hay hotel. Maybe there are also other sites on the internet that could be used for promotion too. Therefore, it is very usefull that the owners have a good IT knowledge, because the website must be good and easy to find in the web.



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  1. Cristian Garcia says:

    From my point of view, throughout this post I see there are two main dilemmas: the investment and the minimum revenue. I strongly believe they need more than one room and one toilet if they want to attract groups or families more frequently.

    Despite this, it would be complicated reaching the 60,000 DKK during the first year of activity due to the possible investments. That has to do with the selling price and the costs they have to deal with, if they have to hire somebody it will be more difficult to reach the minimum revenue. To sum up, it depends on the strategy they want to carry out: or a higher price or a lower price.

    Best regards,


  2. Romina Braun says:

    I very much like the idea of creating a conference room. Being creative in the nature with nothing distracting you must be appealing to many people! Of course, business people will not bring along horses but they could go cycling or canoeing as a teambuilding activity! Of course the problem arises: where do they stay? Or do they have to come from the area?

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