Why am I studying tourism?

Tourism has always been a service sector that contributed to the economic outcome of a country to a great extent. People all over the world have travelled for a hundred of years and still do so which implies that this sector is most likely the fastest growing and persisting industry, even in developing countries. Some African countries for example, generate almost everything of their GDP through tourism. I know that tourism isn’t always the greatest thing since sliced bread. The sector is nowadays faced with several challenges like climate change but that is what it makes so interesting.

Those reasons simply encouraged me to study Tourism Management. I knew I wanted to study something about economics after I have finished my “Abitur” in which I majored in economics and languages. The fact to be able to study economics with a major in tourism, which is something I have always been interested in, made the decision easy for me what to study.

This course should give me an insight in specific tourism enterprise and their business models. I would like to learn more about different business models and if the implementation of those is different to the “normal” industry. Moreover, I would like to learn methods for proper research in general and especially in tourism with current examples.

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  1. Florian Lerbs says:

    I really like your arguments. But maybe you could add personal reasons – it’s a little bit too theoretical from my point of view. I would like to know WHY you’re interested in Tourism (besides the economic factors)? Did you travel a lot during the last years? 🙂 Otherwise you could also study econonomic studies as well.

    No offense, I’m just curious.

    Best Regards,


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