Why do I study tourism?

During the last year of my apprenticeship in a German travel agency, I realized that I wanted to achieve more than “only” working as a travel agent my whole life. I liked the direct work with customers, my colleagues and also the great possibilities to travel, but I knew that there was a lot more to experience in the growing tourism industry.  Looking for a new challenge I decided to expand my knowledge by studying tourism.

Finding the right study program among all the offers was not easy. Finally, I decided to study an international tourism program which includes 1.5 years of studying abroad. The study program gives me the possibility to gain knowledge in business management, languages and different fields of tourism. Additionally, studying abroad gives a different perspective of tourism, which the German professors may not talk about and it also helps to improve language skills (or even to learn a new language). Staying abroad also gives me an intercultural experience that will improve my communication skills which are important to negotiate with people from different nations. Studying international tourism seemed to me as the perfect choice and is a chance to gain more experiences in the international tourism industry.

I think and hope that doing a project with a business from the tourism industry will help us to understand the theoretical models better. Being able to apply what I have learned in theory before is a good way to consolidate knowledge. Working with a real business is also a good experience for future jobs.

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  1. Carina Legl says:

    Dear Johanna,
    Yes, I definitely agree with you on the point about the aspect of studying abroad, which might provide us with a different perspective of tourism, specific danish tourism. Tourism management subject at the University Heilbronn, especially in the subjects: Destination management and planning, focuses strongly on the german market in the tourism industry. Therefore, I agree, that we will have a positive outcome of looking now into the danish market and danish tourism. This perspective as well as the previous one (form the german point of view) will be mutual beneficial when going into other areas/ locations / countries, because we might adopt those comparison which we will now learn and understand.


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