Why I’m studying Tourism?

Usually it would be easy to answer the Question ‘Why did I choose to study Tourism?’ – maybe because I like to travel. But honestly, this isn’t a proper answer to this one. Almost everyone in my personal environment like to travel, but no one ever decided to study this field. Furthermore I did not get much opportunities for travelling during the last years due to my time-consuming apprenticeship in Berlin and a long-term injury.

A few years ago I’d met some guys from Sweden who are pretty busy in organizing and promoting scandinavian artists and music events in Berlin and all over the world. Lucky me, they asked me if I would join them by supporting them in Management, Accountancy and Organization of all this stuff. This guys are today one of my best friends.

During this time, which lasted for almost 2 years, I’ve gotten an pretty intense inside look in scandinavian culture and way of life. I was fascinated by getting in touch with other people from all other the globe and be productive with them. Additional to my rhetorical skills, my flexible manner of handlings each kind of task and my passion for other cultures, I found myself being part of one of the world’s biggest industries – the tourism sector.

After my apprenticeship I wanted to complete my practical knowledge with more theory in order to improve my opportunities for getting a proper job. I’ve never felt a passion for this long in my life and this feeling encounters me to go ahead with my future prospects. Tourism is the perfect way to combine several skills and areas of modern business and also the easiest way to get in touch with other people in order to learn more about ourselves.

I would like to work in the marketing segment of an european – maybe scandinavian – company in the nearer future. In order to keep my motivation up, the course should also concentrate on danish examples of business models and some innovations from Scandinavia.


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  1. Cristian Garcia says:

    Some of my fellow students in my home University always answer the same because everyone likes travelling but as you said it is not a good answer at all, it has to do with something else that motivates you to boost your interests and skills.

    Even so, everyone must find its own market niche where to focus on and as I can see you have already found one. I think it is an achievable goal if you want to specialise in the Scandinavian region, you could look for Swedish examples concerning business models on the whole as well.


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