To ensure that the project „Ruggård Hay Hotel” will be a long-term success, it is important to deal with the concept of sustainable tourism.  That means that the tourism meets the needs of the present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future. Over the long term it results in a benefit for the social, economic, natural and cultural environment of the area in which it takes place. To guarantee long-term sustainability not only a balance between these four dimensions is essential, but also a balance between the needs of the tourists and the needs of the destination is necessary. Even though the Ruggård Hay Hotel will not evocative a mass tourism, it will have effects on the local people and the local community.

Economic Aspect

The economic aspect is the dimension the most investors are interested in. The Kjaer family pottered at this dimension too, and has set a minimum earning of 60.000 DKK per year. They should consider here furthermore potential investments (to generate the well-being of their customers), their job/income situation and the cooperation with local partners that generates possibly positive network effects.

Environmental Aspect

The landscape of the planned Ruggård Hay Hotel is very copious and spacious, so that the small number of maximum 10 possible tourists shouldn`t have a significant negative influence on the environment. Nevertheless it is important that the tourists don`t pollute the forests or the water with left behind waste, that they don`t destroy inviolate parts of the nature or impair reserves of animals, to guarantee the continued existence of the beautiful landscape.

Socio-cultural Aspect

The Kjaer family are welcoming hosts, who like the idea of giving tourists an understanding of the Danish nature and culture (typical food, family life…).  The idea of building up a social network with the local cafes, stores… is a positive additional step and the local community can profit from it.

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