Business Model Canvas & Attractor-Based Innovation

The business model canvas is a template for developing a new business or documenting the exist business. According to A. Osterwalder, it includes 9 sectors that are: customer segments (CS), value proposition (VP), channels (CH), customer relationships (CR), revenue streams (RS), key resources (KR), key activities (KA), key partnerships (KP) and cost structure (CS). The canvas is a tool for describing, analyzing and designing business models; meanwhile it also helps with collecting the ideas to start a new business.

For the Kjær family’s dream B&B hotel, Christopher has informed us their model canvas, in which there are still some space to improve or complete the model, especially under the blocks of CS and VP.

Customer segments

According to Christopher and Lisbeth, they put their focus on:

  1. The groups of Icelandic horse rider
  2. Racing cyclists
  3. Mountainbikers
  4. Fishing lover
  5. Families visiting Lalandia and Legoland in Billund.

First of all, it is a wise decision to focus the groups of Icelandic horse rider as the main segment for the hotel, because the Kjaer family knows pretty a lot about the horse and the surrounding for the horse riders as well. Furthermore, the nature in Ruggård provides the base condition for the Hay Hotel to focus on this customer segment.

Secondly, it is a doubt to think of fishing lover as one the segments for the hotel. During the instruction, the family didn’t show that they have same interest in fishing as in horse riding, besides there is no fishing place with large scale, so that the hotel doesn’t have a condition to attract many fishing lovers.

Thirdly, I think the Kjaer family can also consider the groups of hikers as a potential group due to the nature surrounding. In the mountain, we were showed the camping place, BBQ place, and small local businesses, kiosks and bistros for instance. All of these facilities are good for the hikers. Therefore, the group of hikers would be really potential segment.

Value propositions

In this block, the Kjaer family showed a lot about what values they are able to deliver to their customers. All the values that the Kjaer family delivers can be divided into 2 parts, nature experiencing and local culture experiencing.

For the nature experience, of course, the key factor is their natural surrounding, forest, mountain, and the fresh air, which is very important for the horse riders.

Meanwhile, since the Kjaer family would show up in the hotel in every weekend and have many chances to spend time with guests, they can also deliver their family value to their guests through chat, cooking and coffee time together, which will be impressive to their guest, because I was really impressed with the harmony between the family members, and their relationships to the local community as well.

At last, the culture of the local community can also be a value for Kjaer family, such as the coffee shop, the little museum in the town and the old train station.

Innovative initiatives

The innovative initiatives can be talked on the base of the Attractor-Based Innovation System. In this system, it includes 5 factors: actractor, attraction, scene, scene-maker and scene-taker.

For the case of the hay hotel of Kjaer family, the actractor is definitely the nature surrounding of the hotel, because it provides good condition for the horse riders. Scene could be the nature surrounding and also the amusement parks in the neighbor town LEGOLAND and LALANDIA, meanwhile the hotel self can also be a scene due to the farm and its animals there. Because of this possibility, the hotel is the scene maker and scene taker as well. As a scene maker, the hotel can also make cooperation with the local school to create an educational tour for the children to introduce the nature and the horse, so that a new revenue channel can be created.

Besides, the hotel can also expand the scene maker to the whole town through the cooperation with other local businesses, such as bars and restaurants, such as an creation of an event for Icelandic horse.

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