innovation and business model theories in the B&B context – Vanessa Jambor

Customer segment

The customer segment of the business model for the B&B is especially important, because through the customers the B&B identify in which way they want to develop the Ruggard Hay Hotel and they can decide between different products for the different customer segments.  Right now there are many possible customer segments. The B&B is creating value for horse lovers and cyclists who love to be in nature on the countryside. For this customer segment the Kaejr Family provides the accommodation, breakfast and the farm as well as trips with the horses or the bikes. For the trips the Family also prepare lunch and drinks for their customers. Moreover there are fishers and Legoland visitors, who are mostly families, for whom the B&B only provide the accommodation and the breakfast. The customer segment the Ruggard Hay Hotel broach, because of its location and the approach form the Kaejr Family to the B&B, guests who likes to be on the countryside, loves the nature and the silence there and who want to escape from the daily routines.

The most important customer segment is the segment of the Icelandic horse riders. The Kaejr Family knows this customer segment very well, because they also ride Icelandic horses and they can put their self into the position of them. They really know what this customer segments want and need during their holidays. To know the customer segment is a huge advantage in all business aspects.


Customer relationships

Icelandic hors riders: The customer segment of the Icelandic horse riders expects a personal relationship to them. The Family shares the passion for the horses with them, which is probably one of the main advantages why the guests spend their holiday at the Ruggard Hay Hotel. Because of that they can exchange their experiences of the horses with them. The Kaejr Family already knows a lot of Icelandic horse riders, the guests who came to them are probably already friends and acquaintances of them. Through the shared passion and hobby the relationship to the guests is pretended to be much more personal. The guests get to know the family through the trips and they spend a lot of time together, so it is obvious that this customer segment base upon a personal relationship.

Legoland visitors: This customer segment doesn’t expect a close relationship to the host family. People who came to the Ruggard Hay Hotel because they want to visit the Legoland mostly stay only for one or two nights. During this short period of time it is not possible to create a personal relationship to them and this customer segment probably don’t have a demand of it. They expect a friendly family who helps them if they have questions about something.

Cyclists: The cyclists expect a mix of the relationship to the Icelandic horse riders and the Legoland visitors. They expect a personal relationship to the hosts as well, but not as close. They also will spend time together with the family during the trips. But I think that the cyclists also want to make trips on their own and don’t want to spend as much time with them as the Icelandic horse riders.


Value proposition

The Ruggard Hay Hotel delivers different values to their customers. Because the B&B is located on the countryside, they offer the value of the nature. The people have the possibility to relax their, get out of their daily life for a couple of days and enjoy the silence of this wonderful place. On their farm they have a lot of animals, so they also share this value. Through the contact to the family, they deliver the values of culture and family to the guests. Another value they offer is fun, the guests can have fun with all the animals on the farm and they also can have fun during the trips with the Icelandic horses.


Needs and Wants

If the B&B targets the Icelandic horse riders, they help them to solve the problem that they don’t know what to do with their horses during they want to go on holiday. They can bring their horses with them and so they can spend their holiday together with the animal. Because of the possibility that they can bring their horses with them, the Rurgard Hay Hotel is an absolutely niche in this market. There are a lot of Icelandic horse owners and a lot of them want to spend their holiday together with their animal. In nearly no other accommodation is this possible.



To support the business model of the B&B some innovation initiatives are needed. The B&B can cooperate with the Bindeballe Købmandsgård and the house in the nature. The Bindeballe Købmandsgård could deliver lunch to the nature house during trips with the daughters of the family, so the parents could work during the trips. They also have the possibility to stay in tends overnight at this place.

As we mentioned during our group work in class on Thursday, an event could be innovated at the place with the sculptures. This could be a possibility to bring the tourists and the local people together. Again the Bindeballe Købmandsgård, could deliver the food and drinks. The Kaejr Family could let the local people try to ride Icelandic horses. For the kids they can make a paper chase through the nature with the horses. Such an event is a good possibility to bring all stakeholders together and all of them could benefit of it.


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