E-tivity 2: Questions for Lisbeth and Christopher (Katja)

Questions for Christopher and Lisbeth

Revenue stream
We do not know much about the revenue stream yet (price for the accommodation, guided horse tours etc.).

  • Did you already think about prices? How much should the guided horse tours, the lunch arrangements, the apartment,… cost?
  •  If you would earn enough revenue through the hotel, could one of you imagine quitting his job and focusing just on the hotel?


Cost structure

It could be very busy and chaotic if the guests that stay in the room upstairs would use the kitchen and bathroom of the family, especially if there are up to 10 people.

  •  Would it be possible to build an additional bathroom/ kitchen for the guests who would sleep upstairs?  What do you think about this idea? Would it be a        possibility (spatially, financially)?
  • Would you like to invest money to build an additional kitchen/bathroom?
  • How much money would you like to invest in the hotel? How much money do you have available for the hotel?

There are people/families that would like riding a horse (which don’t have an own horse) during their vacation, especially on a farm that has horses.

  • Could you imagine to buy two or more horses for your guests that don’t have a own horse, but would like to ride one during their stay?/ Or could it be a possibility to borrow some horses from one of your neighbours for the time you have guests that would like riding a horse, but don’t have a own one?
    (–> could increase the target group)
  • Do you have space for an extra or bigger stable for the horses of your guests?


Key partners

  • Have you already talked with your key partners about cooperation (Margit, Jørgen Kruse, Kurt Smidt)?


Key activities

There are a lot of key activities that come along with the hotel.


  • Do you want to do the cleaning of the apartment and the room upstairs by yourself or could it be an option to hire somebody?

Check-in/ -out

Christopher and Lisbeth work fulltime and won’t be at the farm during the day. How can you handle it, when guest arrive during Lisbeth and Christopher’s working time?

  • Would it be an idea that the guests can pick up the key for the apartment at a neighbours house, e.g. a retired couple or neighbours that work from home?

Many people do not like to carry around much money.

  •  How would you like to handle the payment? Would you buy a card reader or do you want that your guests pay cash?

A B&B implements that one offers bed and breakfast to his guests every day. This won’t be possible if both work fulltime.

  •  Is there somebody else in the family who could prepare breakfast during the week for the guests?
  • Could you imagine hiring somebody who is in charge of the breakfast?
  • Could one of you work halftime or go a later to work?

Guided horse tours

  •  Do you only want to offer guided horse tours on the weekends, since it is not possible during the week? (work, school)
  • Do you know somebody who would like to do the guided horse tours for you during the week, when you are working and the children in school?


Key resources

  • Would it be an alternative to hire a couple of employees that could help during the week with the hotel?
  • Do the children really want to participate in the hotel in a long-term perspective?



Since both of them work fulltime, it is not possible to answer telephone calls all the time. Therefore, it would be advisable to have a booking/ reservation tool on an own website. This would also make it easier for people from abroad, since they don’t have to pay too much for the telephone call.

  • Is it possible for Christopher to set up a homepage for the Hay Hotel, including a guest book and booking tool?


Value proposition

  • Is it allowed to set up fences at the different places you have showed us?

Further questions

  • Would you like to focus on sustainable tourism?
  • Would you like to host events like a farmers market,…?


How to proceed
It has to be discussed with the Kjaer Family, which of the ideas are good and possible to realize, and which ideas should be further developed or cannot be realized. Furthermore, it is necessary to find out if there is a demand for the Hay Hotel. (à Questionnaire)

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