E-tivity 2: Questions for Lisbeth and Christopher (Romina, Anne, Annkatrin & Maren)


So far, we have little to no knowledge about existing competitors, neither on a local,  nor on a regional level. When it comes to competition it is important to think outside the box and not only in terms of specialised B&B’s, but any kind of accomodation service and also possible competitors in terms of horsetraining, etc. Since the Kjaer’s are the expert, when it comes to Vejle Adal, they can answer the question about possible competition best.

  • Did you analyse your competition?
  • If so, who do you consider your competitors?
  • What is your competitive advantage?



The infrastructure already existing is a good starting point, but not sufficient for the endeavor, the Kjaer’s have in mind. Right now, the farm does not provide adequate accomodation for future guests, therefore infrastructural measures are required. Not only for the guests, though but also for guest horses. Further, Lisbeth and Christopher have to define which service they would like to offer to their guests exactly. And what they plan to do about horse lovers who are travelling without their horses. Another very important aspect is the question of personell. We came to the conclusion that an undertaking like the Ruggard Hay Hotel is hardly viable without any outside help, an aspect that the Kjaer’s will have to think through and consider carefully.

  • What kind of infrastructural measure are necessary in order to be able to host guests (upper room, apartment)
  • How will you accomodate additional guest horses?
  • Would a cooperation with other horse owners to give guests who are travelling without their horses a chance to participate in horseback riding, be an option for you?
  • Is it possible for you to accomodate more farm animals to create an additional experience for the guests (hens -> egg collecting)?
  • Are you considering your children as an integral part of the personell?
  • Who will be the contact person on the farm when you are at work and the kids are at school?
  • Is it a possibility for you to only open the B&B on the weekends (also in terms of revenues)?
  • What services do you want to offer (breakfast, lunch, horse trainings, transport, etc.)?


Cost structure:

Up to this point, we have no information in what kind of scope the investments will be. It is essential to consider which investments are necessary in order to get the business going and how high the leeway of the Kjaer’s is. Of course the needed investments have to be compared to possible revenues.

  • For which prices do you want to offer your services (Accomodation, Horse-Trekking, Picknick-Service, …)
  • How high are you fixed costs?
  • How much are you willing to invest in renovation and  furniture?
  • Are you willing to pay for additional stables and fences for guest horses?
  • Would you be willing to invest in additional farm animals, such as hens?
  • Would you invest in additional horses?

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