Etivity 2: Booking Channels & Customer segments (Johanna & David)

Customer Segments

There are several possibilities for target groups, but we recommend the Kjær family to focus on a small amount of target groups. Since they already made clear that they would like to focus on Icelandic horse riding, we suggest that the additionally target groups are also active or nature oriented. This may include Icelandic Horse riders, horse riders, bikers and hikers. Those target groups have similar needs.

We do not see business travelers or Billund visitors as their main target groups, since they may need different facilities.


Booking Channels

Besides an E-Mail-Address and Phone number, we recommend the Kjær family to create their own website. This can serve as an information platform but can also include a booking tool.

Bookings via the Homepage or E-Mail have the advantage that the Kjær family can reply to them in their spare time. Phone calls on the other hand should be answered immediately, which we see impossible since both have a full-time job.

We also thought about the implementation of Social Media, such as a facebook site. However, this needs to be fed with content on a regular basis. If the Kjær family cooperates with the Danish Icelandic Horse Association, we see a chance of posting offers on their facebook site (Dansk Islandshesteforening).

VisitVejle could be an additional platform on which their accommodation could be offered. They also have a special site for accommodations for bikers.

Guests as co-creators

We talked about the guests as co-creators. This can be possible in so far that they share their experiences with the Kjær family to help them improve their service/hotel. Additionally, the own website may include a form of a guest book in which the guests can write recommendations and share pictures. This can also be seen as word-of-mouth.


Next steps

It is necessary to do research on the target groups. It has to be investigated whether there is a demand for such a form of holiday. Moreover, the special needs of the target groups have to be identified. Additionally, a survey may indicate how much the target groups are willing to pay for a stay.


Questions for the Kjær Family

Customer Segments

  • Are you willing to focus only on active/nature-based tourism?

Booking Channels

  • How do you plan to answer booking phone calls while working full-time?
  • Can you imagine to have your own website?
  • Do you have the skills to create and maintain an own website?

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