Etivity 2_STD Nina Witt, Catherina David

Sustainability or STD might be a big issue for the family and their Hay Hotel.  To make sure that we are all on the same level, we would like to mention the official definition of STD and its four key principles. According to the UNWTO STD “meets the needs of present tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future”. Moreover, it is a long term approach and includes the ecological, economic, social and cultural principle.


We would now like to briefly go through these four elements and present some of our ideas and findings and thus show how the family could implement the STD at their Hay Hotel.


Ecological Principle

–          Implementation:

  • not necessarily organic products, recycling or renewable energies
  • other possibilities (cheaper and easier to implement)
    • place bins, wooden fences + signs to protect the nature
    • offer local products
      • work together with other local farms
      • food events/ farmers´ markets/ harvest festival

–          Questions:

  • Do you want to follow this?
  • Do you think it is possible to implement one of these events or ecological aspects?

Economical Principle

–          Not as a hobby but alternative for long-term renting à more fun

–          Questions:

  • When do you want to open the B&B (only on weekends, only summer season, ….)?
  • Do you want to keep your current jobs?
  • Did you think about prices yet?


Social Principle

–          Three implementation possibilities

  • 1. Link with other local stores and facilities
  • 2. Network in horseback riding scene
    • E.g. Icelandic horse association
  • 3. Treat all family members equally
    • Involve girls
    • Support the personal relationship between hosts and guests
  • Educate all key partners and build up a relationship

–          Questions:

  • Do the girls really want to help in the long term?
  • Are there other family members/friends who could help? (instead of employees)


Cultural Principle

–          Implementations:

  • Sharing tradition & culture
    • Involve  in farm life, offer traditional food, teach them Danish –> build up a personal relationship with the guests


  • Teach tourists about sustainability  (e.g. through flyers, personal talks)
  • Family culture, fun & experience in the nature
  • Tradition of calmness/relaxation to escape city life

–          Questions:

  • Is it possible to offer local food and/ or to involve guests in your farm life?


We know that these are quite detailed questions. Thus, we should first find out how the family feels about the STD approach in general. Therefore, after our explanations, we investigated the general question if they can now imagine to implement the STD at their Hay Hotel at all and if yes, to which extent.




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