A trademark developed into a tourist attraction

A trademark developed into a tourist attraction

Colman’s have been making fine quality mustards in Norfolk for over 180 years. To represent this long established industry in Norwich and perpetuate their traditions of making and selling only mustard products of the highest quality and value, they opened The Mustard Shop in Norwich during 1973 to commemorative the 150th anniversary of Colman’s.

The shop stocks and extensive range of powder and prepared mustards, including a number of specialities made exclusively for the shop. In addition, there a range of merchandise has been added: a wide selection of mustard pots and spoons, together with tea towels, cookbooks, toys – not to mention a broad range of Colman’s memorabilia.

This is one example of an augmenting innovation that attempts to benefit tourism as well as the production of a good. The organization of the shops plays on memorable past experiences of the customers, and it built future loyalty to the product.

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  1. I find it quite interesting that a company producing mustard can benefit from merchandising. What seems to be the rationale or perhaps rather the psychological effect of merchandising in generel? Does it help build recognition? What do you think? Leave a comment?

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    Inger-Marie Christensen

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