Aarhus By Light – interactive mural entertainment

Aarhus By Light – interactive mural entertainment

Aarhus by Light is an experiment in media facades. As part of the media facades project, he Concert Hall Aarhus, one of the largest in Europe, presents a new interactive media facade that invites guests and passers-by to encounter and partake in a new dimension of the renowned cultural institution. Luminous creatures live in the facade. As the guests approach, they enter their world which is itself part of the city. The creatures are social beings, and they enjoy other people’s company – most of the time…

Aarhus by Light from Tobias Ebsen on Vimeo.

The interactive installation is developed in a project called “Digital Urban Living“, which is a collaboration between the city, the university and independent media and entertainment agents. Thus it is an example of creative constrallations that transcend traditional borders and enhance the tourism product.

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