Addiopizzo – goodbye to support to the Mafia

Addiopizzo – goodbye to support to the Mafia

Addiopizzo was started by young people who wanted to open a bar in Palermo, Italy.  When they realized that they would have to pay  protection money to the Mafia, they  initiated a community of businesses and consumers who refuse to pay. Frustrated with the Mafia’s stranglehold on the local life, they covered the city with stickers that were designed to mimic the look of obituary notices and that read: “A whole people who pays the pizzo is a people without dignity.” (Wikipedia).

Local hotels, restaurants and shops appreciated the idea, although it is dangerous to combat the Mafia. In 2007, the association counted 210 traders and entrepreneurs as members and over 9,000 consumers committed to buy only at shops belonging to the “pizzo-free” list. The sign is a signal to tourists who want to go against organized criminals.

Addiopizzo is a social movement. The group behind Addiopizzo started also a commercial, cooperative travel agency that helps tourists to find services not in the hands of the Mafia. It organizes anti-mafia tours for groups of tourists.

The movement is active also in organizing pizzo-free festivals and other events. There are many spin-off opportunities related to ethical action.

An outline of the tourism consequences and perspectives can be found in Bregoli, I. (2012). Experience marketing and tourism: an application of service-dominant logic to AddioPizzo Travel.

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