Airport spa – relaxing from travel stress

Airport spa – relaxing from travel stress

 Helsinki is becoming a major European hub for travels to Asia and Australia. The Airport hosts more than a million transit passengers per year. Finnair is ready to make life more comfortable for transit passengers, thus raising the reputation for the quality of service. The Via Spa is a new facility. The Via Spa environment is unique in the world of airports and Finnair means to communicate that the airline really cares for the wellbeing of its customers. Is it free for Platinum cardholders, and access can be purchased for all others passengers.

Facilities include a steam room, saunas, and a stone bath. There are rasul treatments, mud skin peels, a mineral water pool, and loungers facing the runway – the lower parts of the windows are blacked out so people can’t see in but spa goers can see planes coming and going.

Personal wellbeing treatments are available between 12:00 and 19:00.

The spa guru Paul Haslauer designed the Via Spa, and he has been very aware of the needs of air passengers. The Via Spa aims to adopt personal treatment philosophy, and the therapeuts offer recommendations for the often travel stressed passengers. Physical and mental wellbeing can be regained before, after or during the between-flight breas. Treatments and therapies are designed specifically to be relatively short. Heavy leg is a speciality for the therapist, reflecting the effects of sitting immobile for many hours in an airplane. Also aromatherapies are offered, reflecting the not always pleasant atmosphere in an airplane. Special footbaths with vibrating bells applied to the reflecting zones of the foot and leg, and herbal peels can help the air passengers to gain a feeling of joy and relaxation.

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