Airship luxury cruise

Airship luxury cruise

The Zeppelin was the first controlled powered rigid-body airship, in the air for the first time in 1900. Passenger pleasure trips were lauched in 1909, and in 1928 the Zeppelin for transatlantic passenger transportation was tested. There were many saftety issues,  the era of the Zeppelins stopped dramatically in 1937, when  Hindenburg burst into flames, killing 35.

Zeppelins have been reintroduced in 2001 in safer designs, and they are increasingly used for sightseeing tours, for example by the German firm Zeppelintours.

A comeback of the large luxury aircruisers is scheduled for 2015.The large cruiser will  include small and large apartments, bars, lounges and amazingng views. In addition, the airships are claimed to be an eco-friendly mode of travel compared to traditional aircrafts. The futuristic project is launched by Samsung, and the design is by the famous London based desing firm Seymourpowell.

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