An alternative food system

An alternative food system

The Blue Hills restaurant and the Stone Barn farmers market represent an attempt to create a more sustainable food system with shorter supply chains. The proprietors regard themselves as educators rather than solely food producers and chefs.

The successful New York enterprise is a protest to the industrialized food production systems and the standardised restaurant concepts. It appeals to the trend conscious citizens, who increasingly are interpreting their position in the nature-city contrasts. But the restaurant is also an opportunity to many tourists who want a story with their eating experience. The restaurant supplies itself from is Stone Barn, its own vegetable garden, and from a number of suppliers. All suppliers are part of the story that is told to guests in the restaurant and visitors to the farmers market.

Farming is  addressed in a rather experimental way by Blue Hills, and the kitchen staff constantly seeks out the new types of raw materials. The menus are determined by supply, not by the ideas and demands of the chefs.

Stone Barn also offers cooking classes and guided tours – important for the visitors’ total understanding of the concept of the place.

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