Baby coral sponsorships on Bali

Baby coral sponsorships on Bali

Sponsor a baby coral. That is a tempting opportunity offered on the coast for Bale in Pemuteran. It is expensive to work with re-erection of the reefs, therefore sponsorship is necessary to create funds for the project, and at the same time motivate the tourists to be responsible when they visit areas with vulnerable corals. When sponsoring, the tourists will get his name bent in metal.  The metal is sunk into the sea, and future corals can grow on it. The tourists get a picture of the metal and a certificate. After a year, the sponsor will receive another photograph which shows how the coral has grown.

The objective is to expand the project as it has wider economic implications. The coral reefs protect against erosion of the beaches. This is critical for hotels, and therefore hotel owners can be found among the sponsors.

For more than a decade authorities and NGO’s have worked on reestablishing the vulnerable and threatened coral reef. What they do is explained on Biorock’s website: “Coral nurseries built using the Electrolytic Mineral Accretion Technology (Biorock®) of Hilbertz and Goreau provide unique advantages for restoring coral reefs. Corals grown on mineral accretion are exceptionally brightly coloured and rapidly growing, support dense fish populations, and are more resistant to all environmental stresses except bombs and poisons. The first projects in Indonesia were built in the Pemuteran Marine Protected Area in June 2000 by Hilbertz and Goreau, working with Yos Amerta and Gahawisri, in front of the Yos Dive Shop at Pondok Sari, and in front of Reef Seen Aquatics. Three more structures were added in October 2000 in front of the Village Sea Temple, during an international training workshop on coral nursery construction (see Workshop Report for details). The Workshop was funded by a grant from the Leslie Jones Foundation to the Global Coral Reef Alliance’s coral reef restoration program, and donations in kind from Yos Dive Shop and Pondok Sari Hotel. The success of these structures in stimulating rapid coral growth was apparent within months, leading to requests to greatly expand the project. Taman Sari Hotel donated further funds to support the construction of new projects in March 2001.”

The initiative is followed by scientists and other  researchers.

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