Dating services in winter sports tourism

Dating services in winter sports tourism

In recent years, ITC has been implemented extensively in winter sports tourism, and the Dolomites have taken a leading position in terms of innovating new services. Skiers are mobile, and therefore the applications for mobile phones and smartphones are particularly crucial. The system dolomite superski  is loaded with facilities, such as lists of events, gastronomy offers, weather forecasts, safety tips etc. The system contains interactive maps. There is information about snow type, snow fall, ski lift availability etc. Webcams report continuously from various locations.

The social element is important in skiing, and the system supports this: “Haven’t found the perfect ski buddy yet? Get in contact via your cell phone with other skiers or snowboarders and ride down the slopes together – it’s simply more fun.” The skiers can search for mates for specific activities both at the slopes or at after ski socialising.

More about ITC developments in the Dolomites: Fuchs, M. & Höpken, W. (2011). E-Business horizons in the tourism industry. In Sidali, K.L. et al (eds). Food, agri-culture and tourism. Heidelberg: Springer, pp 140-160.

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