Drones for people – Snowstorm

Drones for people – Snowstorm

Engineering researchers and students at the National University of Singapore are working intensively with the ideas of private and individual air transport devises – drones which can carry a person. In 2016, the development has come to the point where the aircraft remain in the air for about five minutes, before the battery is unloaded and it needs to land again.

The developers are fascinated with the idea that anyone should be able to free themselves from traffic jams on the ground, but they acknowledge that it will probably take a long time before infrastructures and regulations are ready to accommodate for this. Meanwhile the idea is to gain an interest for drones among major amusement parks, as here it might be possible to create safe and closed environments for the flying experience.

Accordingly, the tourism sector can again – as happens with for example Virtual Reality – be the test scene for new technological innovations. Almost certainly a new facility that offers opportunities to fly will create a great interest, and the tourism environment may be a learning field for researchers as well as producers and authorities.

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