Finding travel companions

Finding travel companions

Globetrooper is a website for adventurous travelers who want to create trips themselves and invite people from all over the world to join them. On the website the users can browse through a list of trip offers, when the creators are looking for companions to go to places as Chernobyl, or the Gobi Desert, or a gang to take a roundtrip on Indian Railways. Some tours are visits to film locations, others are challenging trekking or mountain climbing. Some trips are of long duration, other people seek company for only a few days. Some primitive, others in luxury.

There are many reasons for traveling in groups, such as stated on Globetroopers website: to make new friends, for increased safety in difficult regions, to learn from each other, and of course, to share your most memorable experiences with people who can appreciate them.

Globetrooper members who decide to join a particular trip are listed as “confirmed troopers”. Others are “followers”, people did not decide yet. Profiles of the organizer and companions are provided.  When a trip is first announced, a blog ensures an ongoing debate on the planning, where bloggers can suggest extensions, amendments etc. The planning of the tour is a public matter.

The tours are rated according to: difficulty, culture shock, remoteness and risk. Estimated costs are indicated as well.

The website also provides other travel tips and travel inspiration.

Globetropper is an example of an emerging “mass mingling” trend, where people meet up across national borders, age and social division in order to find others who share an interest with.  Mass mingling describes the phenomenon of how people are now living large parts of their lives online and connecting with people from all over the world through virtual networks, and eventually, perhaps even meeting each other.  These people use technology to bring online activities to the real world through the use of GPS and mobile online access. Meetings are more impromptu, temporary meet-ups of strangers, mobs and crowds with similar interests, hobbies, political preferences, causes and grievances. Many of these (temporary) meet-ups will revolve around generating public attention, or getting something done.

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