Flyboard Cairns: Water-powered Flight

Flyboard Cairns: Water-powered Flight

Flyboard Cairns has taken the newly invented flyboard sporting device and made a new experience for thrillseekers in Cairns, Australia [1, 2]. A Flyboard is a water flight device. Flyboarding is a relatively new sport that uses flyboard to power acrobatic manouvers in the air and through the water. The Flyboard was invented in 2011 by a French water-craft rider, Franky Zapata of Zapta Racing [3, 4]. The device set up is basically as follows: the rider is secured to the Flyboard with bindings similar to a wakeboard or snowboard; the Flyboard is attached to a Jet Ski or speedboat, which delivers the power for the water jets beneath the Flyboard; the power/thrust for the water jets is usually controlled by an instructor on a Jet Ski or speed boat, although with an Electronic Management Kit it is also possible for the rider to directly control the power for the water jets [3] . Riders use their feet to steer and control the movement of the board; and the jets beneath the Flyboard allow the rider to peform acrobatic manoeuvres both in the air and through the water [1, 3]. Despite appearances, flyboarding does not require special skills or lengthy training; most people can achieve water powered flight with relatively little instruction. Flyboard Cairns uses expert instructors to assist riders to achieve water powered flight, so it offers a “fly or free” money-back guarantee to all riders [1]. See it in action in this short clip.

Flyboard Cairns is a product innovation. Product innovations are “changes directly observed by the customer and regarded as new…[as in] never seen before, or new to the…enterprise or destination” [5]. Flyboarding is new to the tourist market, and this provides a novel experience for visitors to Cairns. As Flyboard Cairns says, “This action-packed sporting experience is a truly unforgettable addition to any holiday….” [1].

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