Food for Pleasure and Thought

Food for Pleasure and Thought

The tiny island of Fanoe is located in the Wadden Sea National Park, off the west coast of Denmark. Here, an innovative butcher, Butcher Noerby, and chef, Dennis, have teamed up to create memorable experiences by tasting nature in gourmet products. This is captured in their manifesto, which reads:

In Denmark, we do not eat out of need but pleasure. Therefore, every meal should be an experience

At the core of operation is the use of local, Wadden Sea products. Butcher Noerby is the owner of some march lands, which are flooded daily due to the changing tides of the North Sea. A plethora of wild herbs and flowers grow here, including thyme. Finding new use for these lands, the butcher and chef decided to raise island lambs for utilisation in gourmet production. The Fanoe lambs graze on the salty march lands, eat plenty of wild herbs, and are fed fruits and vegetables that are beyond the selling date. These are provided by butcher Noerby’s local supermarket in which the butchery is located. This means that the meet is naturally infused with mostly organic flavours, creating a unique taste of the island’s nature.

Preserving nature while eating it too, and attempting to lower food miles through local sales and consumption, Butcher Noerby, attempts to adhere to the principles of sustainability. He also employs troubled youth who deserves a second chance in life whereby a sense of corporate social responsibility is practiced. The latest addition to the innovative island enterprise is the creation of a café inside the supermarket, where customers can enjoy a cup of coffee and freshly baked cake, or try some of the many local gourmet products.


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