High Lane New York

High Lane New York

In June 2009 a new park opened in Manhattan, New York. It is a continuous stretch of  park established on a former high level railway. The park immediately became an attraction for locals and tourists. The total project comprises of 2.3 kilometres of recreative corridor. The views  from the Lane are often astonishing.

The densely built and populated area is in need of new green areas, and the high level of the lane provides a new and very attractive environment. A group of active citizens has worked intensively on the project since 1999. Now the whole city is proud of it.

The selection of plants for the green corridor reflects the dry environment, and the wish to establish a sustainable facility that does not need artificial irrigation. The best of landscape architects have been invited to work on the project. The park furniture is from certified materials and timber so as to contribute to the complex sustainability measure.

A large group of inhabitants have “adopted” the High Line, and they run a home page with intensive communication. Tourists may also take a look and see what is going on, for example events.

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