Live like a gypsy

Live like a gypsy

Roulotte Retreat near Melrose in Scotland has become more than just a romantically glamorous Gallic getaway in stylish French Gypsy caravans, known as roulottes. Teh caravans are beautifully decorated and represent a journey back in time to the not always glamorous lives of the gypsy population. Nowadays the roulottes are wellequipped, parked in lovely locations and a range of services are availabe to make the stay a treat or an experience.

The Roulotte Retreat has received support from public innovation funds, and the proprietor explains:

“We have found the Tourism Innovation Fund to be so supportive, as well as providing funding to enable us to work with professional companies to how case Roulotte Retreat through website design, recognition, illustration and in other ways that add to our wow factor”.

Picture from the homepage:



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