Lloyds Hotel Amsterdam solved the problems with stars

Lloyds Hotel Amsterdam solved the problems with stars

The Lloyds hotel accommodates rooms from 1-stars simplicity to 5-starts extravagance. Rooms are decorated by different architects and artists, and they all include extraordinary ideas and interesting gimmicks. The hotel also offers rooms which in a flexible way can be transformed from conference rooms to bedrooms and vice versa, depending on the needs.

By these measures, Lloyds is in its own creative way questioning the whole concept of fixed rigid standards in the hotel sector. The hotel defines itself as a cultural centre and a cultural meeting place, where normality is challenged. It calls itself a cultural embassy,

The hotel is a good example of lauching of innovations that break the rules and collapse the recognized institutional frameworks, and in doing so establishing a new niche exempted from the normal competitiveness.

See the hotel on its own website: http://www.lloydhotel.com/

Video presentations on Youtube:

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