Loews Hotels “Adopt-A-Farmer”

Loews Hotels “Adopt-A-Farmer”

Local food feels good and tastes good.

Maybe that is why Loews Hotels have launched a new “green” concept where they buy local products to support and enhance local farming communities.

The program is called “Adopt-A-Farmer” and aims to green up hotel menus while supporting local farmers, fishermen and independent purveyors. The new program means menus at Loews Hotels will have an emphasis on seasonal and regional cuisine, based on their adopted farmers’ current crops. Plus, guests can choose from rotating selections called “From the Garden,” which will feature local, farm-fresh ingredients.

For instance, Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego announces that they will use more than 60 seasonal herbs and vegetables from its own garden, while partnering with 12 local farming communities for produce.

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