Mobile saunas in Finland

Mobile saunas in Finland

The Finnish sauna tradition includes a strong social element. In addition, that sauna belongs to everyday life in Finland it is used as a part of social events e.g. among groups of friends or in business meetings. Social events build around sauna are called “sauna evenings”. These include going to the sauna, relaxing, eating and drinking. This social aspect of a sauna can be utilized at places where a sauna is not usually found by the use of mobile saunas.

Portable sauna
Photo by Andrea Vascellari, Attribution ShareAlike License

Several businesses, events and festivals have offered their customers the  possibility to use a sauna in situations where it normally would not be possible. In Finland it is possible to rent a sauna truck, bus or other transportable sauna. For example in the summer of 2010 a sauna truck owned by a radio station traveled to several music festivals in Finland, where they transmitted shows about the social element of the sauna culture.

The 2010 Mobile Sauna Festival in Teuva, Finland showed a number of innovative designs for the sauna. For example the pocket-sized saunas for one person at a time. Other designs were applied to relict agricultural machinery, horse carriages, and truckloads.

Finland is not the only country using mobile saunas. The mobile sauna is also found in Russia and Estonia, especially in remote areas, although they tend to be used by the locals rather than tourists. See more mobile saunas on the website: Saunasessions



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