Molecular meals – a strictly scientific restaurant

Molecular meals – a strictly scientific restaurant

Moto restaurant in Chicago is challenging the normal view of cooking as a solely artistic endeavor. In the molecular restaurant everything is based on science, and that has resulted in innovative and thought provoking menus. Homaro Cantu is an internationally recognized leader in the world of molecular gastronomy. Molecular gastronomy is the application of both scientific and artistic principles to cuisine.

According to moto, the “molecular tasting room” makes dining like taking part in an ongoing multi-sensory science experiment. “The kitchen applies science to cuisine artistically, utilizing high-tech equipment such as Class IV lasers and liquid nitrogen with eclectic ingredients from around the world. The moto kitchen serves as a laboratory and a canvas for Cantu and his team, an incubation center for ideas that are revolutionizing the culinary landscape – ideas that focus on all things food-related, including menu items, packaging, tools, delivery and more.”

There is a strong team focus on the holistic aspect of each guest’s dining experience. “Parallel to the intricately woven layers of taste, texture, and imagination in every bite of food is the detailed choreographed process of food preparation and presentation at moto. Each staff member pays attention to all elements of the total guest experience because each staff member has experience with every aspect of food preparation and presentation: at moto, every chef is a waiter and every waiter is a chef, as each employee rotates periodically from kitchen prep to tableside service.”

Moto is located among the loading docks and 19th-century warehouses of Fulton Market – Chicago’s lively meatpacking district – surrounded by an enterprising new breed of chic boutiques, avant-garde art galleries, and trendy restaurants. Since opening moto Cantu has captivated adventurous diners and media alike with his imaginative interpretation of postmodern cuisine. It is recognized by moto and many of the enthusiastic guests that “using science, technology and art in nouveau ways, the moto team continues to astound and astonish with novel, interactive dining experiences, redefining the boundaries of established culinary traditions of taste, texture and technique.”

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