Nature as a fitness center – the NIKE approach

Nature as a fitness center – the NIKE approach

NIKE has a reputation for not just producing shoes, but also building lifestyle. NIKE is part of the holiday experience for many, the holiday being a time not only for relaxing, but also for exercise in different environments. The NIKE+ Running app expands the features for the enthusiastic jogger, no matter whether at home or on holiday. With NIKE+ Running, nature environments may be used as a fitness center – just not so boring.

The idea of Nike+ Running is to map the running process and to ensure a motivation to keep going. The Nike+ Running app tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned with GPS, and it gives the user audio feedback every mile as he or she runs, like a personal coach.

It is easy to get demotivated when running. NIKE+ Running ensures a social recognition through Facebook and Paths. Whenever the user broadcasts that a run has started, there is a chance to get in-ear cheers from your friends. It is also possible to tag the particular Facebook running friends and share maps of routes. This facility requires wireless – and it is demanding in terms of battery.

The app helps the user to push the performance upwards. The tracking ensures a continuous feedback that allows the user to plan new forms and levels of exercise. There are badges to win for excellent performance.

To ensure a good experience, NIKE+ Running offers weather forecast. There are “power songs” to listen to in order to pump the speed and endurance.

Back home there is the user can read, analyze and share the performance data on the PC.

NIKE wants to sell more shoes, of course. The runner can insert the name of the running shoes in to see how many miles the shoes ran – and get an indication of time for replacement.

Video presentation of NIKE+ Running

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