Pedal-powered washing machine

Pedal-powered washing machine

Need clean clothes during a festival? At camping? UK-based designer Alex Gadsden has come up with an idea and prototype for a pedal-powered washing machine. It is called Cyclean. The design is simple and adaptive to many circumstances. The washing machine contributes to sustainable – and entertaining – tourism.

Pedal/bike generators are mini-power stations that convert human effort into electricity. They are not new, but rather reinvented in recent years. Pedal power has been around since at least the early 1900s, when used during WWI to power field radio equipment.

There are many types of benefits of human powered equipment: It is good exercise, and fitness activities are not a waste of energy. On a stationary exercise bike all the energy produced is simply wasted as heat. When the resistance unit is replaced with a generator, the user can power an external device while cycling. Another benefit is that hich saves money for tourists and festival participants on a budget. Importantly it saves all the carbon emissions and pollution associated with the electricity generation that is avoided.

Pedal-powered devices have and educational effect and raise the awareness of environmental topics. The equipment may be very useful in remote situations, or for emergency backup, as it does not rely on the sun or the wind. A further advantage is that the pedal powered devices, such as the washing machine are easily transportable and storable and relevant at ”pop-up” locations and events.

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