Performing with ABBA

Performing with ABBA

For quite a long time, two Swedish entrepreneurs have planned to launch an ABBA museum in Stockholm. In 2010, an innovative museum concept has been introduced. The museum does not have a fixed location, but is built to travel the world. Decoupling from the destination is a issue of innovativeness. The museum has been in the UK and in Melbourne, suitable places to meet many fans.

Abba the Museum also makes use of the latest interactive technology, which will allow visitors of all ages to relive the group’s history and to also sing and dance along with ABBA music. Tourist show a significant interest in being not a gazer, but also a performer, and that trends is massively integrated in the ABBA museum concept.

Tretow MIX Challenge is about letting the audience see if they can create the real ABBA-sound

ABBA Quiz – tests the visitors’ ABBA knowledge. The winner takes it all, like in a TV-show

“Perform with ABBA” let the visitors get on stage and perform with ABBA in a 3D holographic illusion

All interactive features are recorded  and can be accessed via the ABBA website from home.

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