P&O Edge: Product and Process Innovation on a Cruise Ship

P&O Edge: Product and Process Innovation on a Cruise Ship


P&O Edge is an adventure tourism product developed by Riverlife in conjunction with P&O Cruises. P&O Edge provides unique adventure activities on-board P&O’s cruise ships plying the eastern seaboard of Australia. By using the ship’s architecture and environment it provides over 20 unique, fun and challenge activities for ship passengers including; a cargo net climb, a flying fox, a slackline bouncing bridge, a high ropes course, a ship funnel climb, bungee trampolines, a Segway obstacle course, and more [1, 2]. P&O Australia now has the largest and most advanced adventure parks on any cruise ships in the world. P&O Edge was first installed on the ‘Pacific Jewel’ cruise ship, making it “the world’s largest adventure park at sea” [1]. The success of the product innovation has seen it extended to other ships and Riverlife has been contracted to deliver P&O Edge on four other P&O cruise ships in the Australasian sector [3].

By delivering the typically terrestrial adventure activities of Riverlife in a the new context of a cruise ship, the P&O Edge product represents an example of a ‘product innovation’ [4]. As Riverlife delivers the P&O Edge product on board the ships operated by P&O Australia this also reflects a process innovation [4]. The “behind-the-scenes” process innovation [5, 6] is arguably the most significant aspect of the innovation because the new working arrangement fundamentally enables the product innovation.


By Stuart R M Reid

Recommended Citation

Reid, S. R. M. (2016). “P&O Edge: Product and Process Innovation on a Cruise Ship.” INNOTOUR Innovation Cases. from https://www.innotour.com/innovationCases/?p=3372



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