PurePods: Living Outside the Box

PurePods: Living Outside the Box


The PurePod is an innovative form of accommodation designed to provide a sensory experience by allowing visitors to be entirely connected to the surrounding environment [1-3]. Like most accommodation, it contains a bed, simple kitchen and bathroom; however, unlike other accommodation the structure is mostly made of reinforced glass, thus allowing users to be completely immersed in the surrounding environment [1-3]. The concept is about changing the essential nature of the accommodation experience by shifting from living inside enclosed spaces to “living outside the box” [3].

The PurePod is an example of a Product Innovation [4] [5]. Product/service innovations are new offers made to consumers [5]. In tourism, product innovations can be described as “changes directly observed by the customer and regarded as new…[as in] never seen before, or new to the…enterprise or destination” [4]. The PurePod is a product innovation because it offers something new to consumers – it offers something new to the market. By shifting the focus on internal accommodation features to the external features of the natural setting, the PurePod transcends the essential function of accommodation as comfortable internal shelter, to provide a novel user experience through creating connection to the outside world. As designrulz sums: “The privacy, the isolation of a tiny glass hut completely surrounded by nature – the sky, the hills, the sea, the birds, the bush – takes you to another world” [2].

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