Raining Taxies

Raining Taxies

Smart cities are cities with an intelligent use of information technology for the benefits of the citizzens, the visitors and the enterprises. Singapore attempts to be a smart city, and “Raining Taxies” is a smart project.

Singapore’s mobility is heavily reliant on taxis, and tourists are often depending on taxis.  But what happens when it rains? Everybody wants to get hold of a cab, and that is not the easiest thing in the world. Singapore  exlores with “Raining Taxis” how the transportation system behaves by combining taxi and rainfall data, and they investigate how in the future the system can streamline in order to better match taxi supply and demand.

The idea is to produce a digital map, on which citizens and tourism real time can see where it rains and where they may get a taxi. The map can also be use for taxi drivers to identify areas for business.

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