Restaurant combats food waste

Restaurant combats food waste

Food waste has become an increasing ethical issue. In Norway restaurants annually discard of approximately 94,000 tons of perfectly good food. The waste represents an economic for restaurants and an environmental problem for society.

Many restaurants attempt to avoid food waste without compromising food safety. A new style of organisation of buffets with smaller plates and more flexible refilling is one of the measures. Creative chefs also attempt to utilize all parts of the raw material and expose this endeavour for the guests. Nowadays, fashionable places service heart and liver and not only best-cuts of beef. Less beautiful vegetables end up in delicious soups and stews.

A more controversial way of attempting to decrease food waste has been introduced by Danish restaurant Bøf og Vin in Hjørring. The owner has experimented with a guest fee for those who leave too much food on their plates. More than 150 grams will add 30 DKK to the bill. The restaurant provides doggy bags for those you want to avoid the fee, and enjoy the leftovers later. According to the owner, the reactions have varied. Some customers say that leftovers are none of the restaurants’ business, while others find that the initiative has great perspectives, and they like the idea for ideological reasons.

For more innovations and advice, see the organisation “End Foodwaste Now”.


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