Reverse BYO® at Puddleduck Vineyard: a Winery Marketing Innovation

Reverse BYO® at Puddleduck Vineyard: a Winery Marketing Innovation

Situated in the Coal River Valley of Southern Tasmania, near the historic town of Richmond, a 20 minute drive from the city of Hobart Puddleduck Vineyard is a boutique family owned and operated vineyard producing premium wines from grapes grown on their vineyard, and processed in their energy neutral winery [1].

The distribution strategy of the winery is novel in that it relies entirely on the direct link to the cellar door, representing a departure from mainstream sales practices at most Australian wineries pursuing a wider distribution strategy involving other retailer and wholesale channels. However, Puddleduck Vineyard has made the cellar door the primary venue for wine sales; in fact, their wines are only available for purchase direct from the cellar door  [1].

To support the novel distribution method, Puddleduck Vineyard has developed the vineyard to include outdoor facilities where people to enjoy a picnic meal along with wines purchased at the cellar door. Visitors can buy a Puddleduck Vineyard platter, followed by cake and coffee, or they can choose to have a Reverse BYO® [2]. BYO (Bring Your Own) is a common at restaurants in Australia, and it means that guests can bring their own alcoholic beverages to enjoy with a purchased meal. Puddleduck’s Reverse BYO® turns this concept upside down: people bring their own food to eat and buy the wine at the cellar door [2].

The Reverse BYO® is what might be called a marketing innovation [3], or a management innovation [4]. The OECD describes a marketing innovation as “implementation of a new marketing method ….[including] product design or packaging, product placement, product promotion or pricing” [3]. Alternatively, Hjalager says a management innovation describes “new marketing concepts… [changing] how relationships between the service provider and customer are built and withheld” [4].

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