Scandinavian Airlines – Flying Green

Scandinavian Airlines – Flying Green

Scandinavian Airlines are a company with a strong sense of corporate responsibility as the following quotations from their website show. (retrieved on 17.11.09 from

“The SAS Group’s social and societal responsibilities include employees and the Group’s impact on the surroundings and communities where it operates”

“SAS is a member of UN Global Compact, in short their philosophy is to defend and promote human rights and to combate corruption discrimmination and all forms of forced labor ” (, 17.11.09)

For SAS Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also a matter of protecting the environment. SAS´ goal is to be the green-market leaders. In 2005, they were the first to introduce Green Seats. Moreover, they have a clearly defined environmental vision. This may be achieved by a series of innitatives that are described in the following document SAS_Environment_folder.pdf.

More about on SAS’ environmental vision can be gleaned from the following video:

For further readings on Global Compact visit this site:

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