Soundscapes Africa

Soundscapes Africa

Sound is an important part of any experience. Therefore sound design has become an ingredient in the development of tourism experiences, taking into account and used by many museums and attractions. Restaurants and hotels also work with soundscapes,  hereby attempting to compliment other design features their desired image.

The full extent of the use of sound has not yet been reached. The project Listen to Africa provides some indication of the future of the sounds for marketing and the promotion of destinations.

Listen to Africa is not the work of a destination, it is an initiative of two individual and independent travelers. The Listen to Africa expedition is a two year journey by bicycle to record some of the sounds of Africa – from oral histories and music to soundscapes and wildlife. As indicated on the webside “recording and publishing sound seems an appropriate way to communicate from a continent that has so much to say and is so rarely heard outside of its own borders.”

The two initiators claim not to have fixed ideas about the subject matter, the Listen to Africa website will inevitably reflect the interests of the team: human rights and humanitarian welfare, wildlife and environmental protection, music and citizen journalism. They were keen to work with African people and groups along the way, especially in local and community radio, podcasting and blogging.

Those interested in the soundscapes of Africa can follow the trip on the web, and listen to the sounds of mangroves, transport sounds, wildlife, music, market sounds, etc.

The website has a very active blog function, where many people who are interested in Africa comment on the sounds and the pictures. The journey is very personalized, and followers on the internet are keen supporters who pay a real interest to both the travelers and the places they are visiting. Obscure places in Africa,  without any promotional costs, are exposed on Listen to Africa.

Below is a podcast of the Yellow Casqued Horn Bill from

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